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Glad The Xpose is turning into a franchise, says Himesh Reshammiya! His father produced the first installment
3199 views | 3 comments
Karishma Kapoor - Sunjay Kapur decides to file for a legal separation by mutual consent! They have two children
5477 views | 1 comments
When Swara Bhaskar found herself at the receiving end of hate tweets! She posted something controversial on Modi's victory
3484 views | 2 comments
Kareena Kapoor bags one more high-profile brand to endorse; spotted shooting for a luxury car! She has 22 brands in kitty
10542 views | 1 comments
Ayesha to enter in Diwan mansion as Pankhuri in Pyar Ka Dard! Lots of drama about to happen
6696 views | 5 comments
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