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About Us
BolegaIndia is where India speaks out! Make Friends and start Connecting today.

It's a unique online social community of people just like yourself where you connect with your friends, make new ones, ask questions (sawaals), share your knowledge, avail discount offers from top leading brands and participate in polls & predictions. In your course of participation on site, you earn reward points which you may ultimately use to redeem for exciting rewards! Here's a snapshot of what we currently have to offer:

Sawaal & Answers: is an online social knowledge sharing community where you have the opportunity to ask questions and share your answers with other members of the site. With a constant growth in registered members, getting your questions resolved, taking community views and getting your queries resolved by industry experts, can’t get simpler. Go ahead and ask a question about anything!

If you are an industry expert yourself in your line of work, all the better! Being an online social networking platform that we are, you can proactively create your own network of industry experts and start sharing your knowledge within the community.

Best Offers:
Start saving Huge! Benefit from the hundreds of great offers we bring to you in one central location. Our mission by presenting these offers to you is simply to become your one stop savings destination online where you need not have to explore elsewhere to find the value of savings on your favourite brands within India.

Polls & Predictions:
Our community of users present their views by participating in our polls. You'll find exciting polls relative to the latest & hottest topics out there. Topics include politics, sports, and bollywood just to name a few. Our Predict & Win polls are very exciting to participate in. It is where you simply make your prediction on what you think would be the outcome of the poll question in question. And yes... we offer reward points for your participation in all areas of our site which you may ultimately redeem for exciting great rewards. So what are you waiting for? Begin your free registration today if you haven’t already done so, and if you have, welcome aboard!
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