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Sawaal: Women’s health

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I have taken unwanted 72 contraceptive pills a week ago and since then I have irregular urine and bleeding pattern, shou.. more - 1 answer
asked by:  sheetal - on May 11 at 01:44pm - in Women’s health
Please suggest what type of Indian food should pregnant women avoid eating during pregnancy? - 1 answer
asked by:  gchitra362436 - on December 15 at 11:32am - in Women’s health
is wife milk is good for drinh for husband?
asked by:  soniabutt - on November 26 at 06:53pm - in Women’s health
how to get rid of black marks which is on face?? - 1 answer
i am 20 year old....
i have black marks on my face
so please can you suggest how to get rid of this problem??
asked by:  schoudhari - on October 05 at 04:26pm - in Women’s health
Ovulating girls have more sexual fantasies, is it true? - 2 answers
asked by:  bhorabhora - on August 18 at 01:44pm - in Women’s health
Are women not waiting for marriage to have sex, is it true? - 2 answers
asked by:  crime420 - on August 04 at 11:35am - in Women’s health
Are you happy with the shape of your bum and breast? - 2 answers
asked by:  tshame - on August 04 at 11:03am - in Women’s health
What is the best way to keep away from a fertile imagination? - 2 answers
asked by:  darpak3 - on August 03 at 03:37pm - in Women’s health
At what age women feel sexiest? - 4 answers
asked by:  shrsama - on August 03 at 11:53am - in Women’s health
Why are South African women more sexualized? - 3 answers
asked by:  tarunbadhwa - on August 01 at 02:54pm - in Women’s health
Which is the safest way to masturbate for women? - 1 answer
asked by:  sheetal - on July 27 at 05:34pm - in Women’s health
Does Skinny jeans increase the chances of developing a vaginal yeast infection in women? - 3 answers
asked by:  shneeraj - on July 23 at 05:41pm - in Women’s health
Can a woman be impotent? - 4 answers
asked by:  vinodsd4 - on July 18 at 05:56pm - in Women’s health
Does push up bras help to maintain breast as good shape? - 5 answers
asked by:  deepak - on July 16 at 10:45am - in Women’s health
When does a woman ovulate? - 4 answers
asked by:  shemsingh - on July 09 at 06:43pm - in Women’s health
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