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india begest 5 city?
low growth effect on human facial body
asked by:  bokadiya - on July 18 at 11:04am - in Medicine & Protections
Can Garlic help to regulate blood sugar levels in our body? - 3 answers
asked by:  vinodsd4 - on August 18 at 12:51pm - in Medicine & Protections
What are the latest trends in cosmetology? - 3 answers
asked by:  rithusingh - on July 11 at 06:43pm - in Medicine & Protections
Do you agree female condom fails to gain popularity in India? - 5 answers
asked by:  readread - on July 11 at 04:19pm - in Medicine & Protections
Garlic has anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties that help to improve blood circulation, is it true? - 2 answers
asked by:  mahi784 - on July 05 at 04:12pm - in Medicine & Protections
How to prevent dehydration, suggest me? - 1 answer
asked by:  nileshjai7 - on June 26 at 09:54am - in Medicine & Protections
Does insulin intake prevent diabetes and heart problems? - 3 answers
asked by:  rwadio - on June 14 at 11:52am - in Medicine & Protections
How to control my Blood Sugar (diabetes) in its beginning stage without medicine? - 2 answers
asked by:  007yahi - on June 12 at 02:45pm - in Medicine & Protections
How to prevent heart disease, tell me know? - 1 answer
asked by:  dattatreya23 - on May 25 at 01:02pm - in Medicine & Protections
Breast milk antibodies help to stop the HIV virus, Is it true? - 1 answer
asked by:  sharukhkhan - on May 25 at 09:18am - in Medicine & Protections
Which is the largest pharmaceutical company of India by sales? - 3 answers
asked by:  ravitri - on April 30 at 03:04pm - in Medicine & Protections
Name the first indigenously developed anti-malaria drug which have been launched by Ranbaxy on 25th April in India? - 1 answer
asked by:  indiaair - on April 28 at 05:09pm - in Medicine & Protections
Is Artemisinin most potent antimalarial remedy, what do you think? - 3 answers
asked by:  kumarvip - on April 27 at 01:03pm - in Medicine & Protections
Which country's president will undergo a surgery to remove new lesion? - 5 answers
asked by:  123crown - on February 23 at 10:33pm - in Medicine & Protections
Name the Indian batsman who goes to a precautionary MRI scan on 20th February? - 5 answers
asked by:  pradeer09 - on February 21 at 07:16pm - in Medicine & Protections
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