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What! Guzaarish is a copy?
What! Guzaarish is a copy?

on November 08 at 10:46am
Sanjay Leela Bhansali may be very enthusiastic and confident about his new project “Guzaarish”, but as per the sources things are not going to be fine. The filmmaker is now in the middle of a new controversy related to piracy.

As per veteran writer and director Dayanand Raajan the film “Guzaarish” is totally based on his unpublished novel “Summer Snow”. Raajan has smashed off a legal notice to the producers, UTV and SLB and have sought an explanation on how their film has so many similarities with his novel. Sources have said that the makers of “Guzaarish” have got seven days legal notice, failing to which the court may issue a stay order on the film.

Dayanand said, "Guzaarish has many similarities with my novel. It's shocking that the main plot, the love story, the hero being wheel chair bound due to accident and even the mercy killing are the same as in Sanjay's movie. I had shown my novel to some people in the industry but I have no idea who leaked it to the writer of the film."

The writer has pointed out many weird similarities between his novel and “Guzaarish” that made him suspect piracy. According to him, both the scripts are positioned as love stories with mercy killing as a key point. Goa is a backdrop in both as is the religion, Christianity. Like in the book, in the movie, too, the hero is a famous public figure except that while Hrithik is a magician in SLB's movie, in Summer Snow, the man is a dancer.

The other similarities include a serious accident, in both the scripts, which get the protagonist confined to the wheelchair to the woman taking care of him — it is the nurse who falls in love with Hrithik while in the novel it is his wife who looks after him. He says that both the scripts have the key roles being played by the woman who supports mercy killing for the hero.

Well, you never know, if this happens to be a publicity stunt from the end of the film makers. Guess, we all will have to wait and watch to get an explanation from Mr. Bhansali. Let’s see what answer he has now!!

Source: Times of India
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this is just not acceptable, why do these bolly directors always need to copy from somewhere or the other, have they not got anything of their own??
commented on November 08 at 04:25pm | Post reply

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