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Tina Dutta to finish her double role trouble in Uttaran!
Tina Dutta to finish her double role trouble in Uttaran!

on March 13 at 11:27am
Finally Tina Dutta will get a huge relief from playing double roles in Colors’ popular show Uttaran. Buzz has it that the show will soon end the double role drama in coming episode wherein Ichcha (played by Tina Dutta) will finally say goodbye to her loyal viewers.

As per the source, Tapasya (Rashmi Desai) gets to know that Tej is the one who killed Daddaji and she will expose him in front of entire family. As seen in last episode, Tapasya takes the bullet aimed at Mukta (Sreejita De) fired by Tej.

Now, as per the reliable source, "Ichcha decides to donate her heart to her beloved friend Tapasya in order to save her life. This will mark the end of Ichcha's character in the show. Also, the double-role track didn't work quite well with the audiences and the makers had to rope in Rashmi Desai to salvage the situation. They now want to focus on the younger generation and the end of Ichcha's role will allow them to it."

With this track one thing is sure that Tina Dutta will be a happier soul. After all she has been taking all burdens on her single shoulder. Let’s see how and when the interesting track will go on air.

Source: TNN
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