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This Navratri do fast in a healthy way!
This Navratri do fast in a healthy way!

on October 16 at 03:44pm
The festival of divinity and strength, Navratri has begun. It is a nine day festival where people do a lot of celebrations, play dandia and garbaa. Along with that they do a nine day fast. Fasting for long nine days make people feel weak and detoxed; some people might also face tummy troubles. This Navratri we bring you some healthy ways of fasting which won’t let you feel drained out, have a look:

1. While fasting in Navratri, people should eat light and healthy food as fasting entails a lot of self control. Some people prefer eating fried food like pakodas, kheer, sabudana khichdi and kheer, these food stuffs are not advisable as they are low in fibre.

2. People having fast during Navratri sometimes go for packaged food like potato chips and wafers which is not recommendable. Rather taking fried food, they should eat fruits like bananas, papayas and apples as they will keep them energized.

3. During Navratri fasts people should drink lots of water and fluids like fruit juices and buttermilk. To prevent acidity they are advised to eat fruits or dry fruits every two hours.

4. People suffering from diabetes, hyperacidity or GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease) shouldn’t do fast. Pregnant women and children should also avoid doing fast.

5. Lots of people prefer no salt meal during Navratri which may make them weak. So they are advised to have at least one meal with salt to make up for it.

So this Navratri do fast in a healthy way!

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