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Shlok's romantic surprise for Aastha in Star Plus' IPKKND-Ek Baar Phir!
Shlok's romantic surprise for Aastha in Star Plus' IPKKND-Ek Baar Phir!

on October 19 at 02:28pm
Very soon the relationship of two egoistic people, Shlok and Aastha (Avinash Sachdeva and Shrenu Parekh), will head to a fairytale mode. Yes, the upcoming episodes of Sphere Origins production Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon… Ek Baar Phir on Star Plus will witness surprise and romance and a lot of lovey-dovey moments between the lead couple.

So far it could be seen that after juggling between his ego and feelings for Aastha, Shlok went on confess his love for her.  Now in the coming episodes, both will admit their feelings for each other in a filmy style. “After an altercation with his family on accepting Aastha as their bahu, Shlok will take his love to a deserted place where he will surprise her by decorating the setting beautifully,” sources reported.

At the place Aastha, who also feels the same way for Shlok, will go on to hug him announcing her love for him loudly. “Shlok would be elated on her confession that he will ask her to repeat those three special words again and again. Aastha feels happy to pour his feelings out and chant her words again and again. This would bring a close moment between the two.

Further, both will visit the old age home where they met each other for the first time. Shlok confesses his love again and will thank all the housemates for bringing them together. He goes on to announce his decision to marry his soul mate.

So, romantic, isn’t it? But it is hard to believe a daily soap couple can live their life without hurdles? Let’s see if Aastha-Shlok pair is an exception or time will also bring problems between them?  

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