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San2 set to thrill the world with his debut single Nayo Lagda!
San2 set to thrill the world with his debut single Nayo Lagda!

on March 29 at 03:22pm
The music world, hold your breath as brand new singer-songwriter San2 who releases his infectious debut single Nayo Lagda on the 4th April 2013.

22 year-old San2 is a maverick in the Asian music world. His versatility knows no bounds, as he is able to switch from Hindi to English to Punjabi across a number of music genres effortlessly. Highlighting this, San2’s first single Nayo Lagda is an infectious up-tempo Qawwali track guaranteed to shine a bright line on him as a future star.

With music by the well-seasoned producer Dharam of DSD Musik, who has previously worked with numerous singers including Jaspinder Narula and Shin of DCS and lyrics by the remarkable Deedar Singh, Nayo Lagda is a 100% sure-fire hit. British Asian celebrity Ameet Chana, famed for his roles in Eastenders, Bend it Like Beckham and numerous other films, shows off his skills as a director for the amazing accompanying video.

The video also features Jasmine May, or Maysoon – of Big Brother fame, as the leading lady. San2 has grown up surrounded by music. Hailing from a spiritual family, he has spent many years performing shabads and playing tabla and harmonium in gurdwaras. His love for music made him perform on Star Ticket at the tender age of 8, in front of Samantha Mumba on the Disney Channel.

San2 has already performed to a number of musical connoisseurs and tastemakers such as BBC Radio 1’s Nihal and renowned producer Rishi Rich. All are in universal agreement that San2 is the breath of fresh air that the often-stagnant music world is desperately seeking!

Nayo Lagda is released on the Virtual Recordz Label on 4th April. Pre-order via iTunes from the 28th March 2013!

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