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Remarriage was not an option for my father, reveals Kunal Kapoor!
Remarriage was not an option for my father, reveals Kunal Kapoor!

on November 02 at 04:59pm
Shashi Kapoor is one such from Bollywood’s first family, who have maintained a low-profile since many years now and his sole aim was to somehow run the loss-making Prithvi Theatre.

The theater has survived 35 years all due to the passion of Shashi Kapoor and his family's commitment to his father Prithviraj Kapoor's dream of having a home for theatre.

It is therefore no surprise that theatre groups consider it their home. And it is after very long time, the sources have got to contact Shashi's son Kunal Kapoor, 53, ahead of Prithvi's 30th year festival that begins November 3.

Asked, passion apart, what makes him continue to run a loss-making Prithvi Theatre past 35 years, he said, “It's a philosophy and a way of thinking that both Sanjana and I inherited from our parents. Running the theatre gives us happiness, regardless of whether we make money out of it or not. We are happy that even after 35 years, we are here promoting commercial theatre, have an audience, do 550 shows a year and still don't rent it out commercially.”

Kunal mother Jennifer was inspiration behind Prithvi theatre, quizzed if he and his father’s miss her presence, he tells, “My mother was a lot of fun and she was a source of inspiration, had a great balance and was always positive. It's been 28 years since she died but I don't think dad ever completely recovered after her death. She died when she was 50 and he was 46. He could have remarried but for him that was not an option. They were soul mates. Every relationship has its share of problems but their connection was rare and unusually strong.”

Really Mr. Shashi Kapoor sets an example in the world of today where we doubt love even exists. You deserve a salute, sir!

Source: TNN
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