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Raj forces Sarita to kiss Vikrant in public in Punar Vivah!
Raj forces Sarita to kiss Vikrant in public in Punar Vivah!

on September 28 at 03:16pm
Drama is a key element in any daily soap and it looks like it has been tolling high in Zee TV’s Punar Vivah Ek Nayi Umeed as the hard truth about Sarita (Srishty Rode) marrying Vikrant (Eijaz Khan) only to save Sheila (Nazea Sayed) is out to everyone. The show being produced by Shashi-Sumeet Productions is coming with more drama surrounding with three of these lives.

As seen so far, Sarita and Vikrant are enjoying their time in Mumbai and staying in a hotel, in the coming episode they’ll be seen playing and dancing during a musical chair and a dance competition organized by the hotel authorities. “In the competition, Vikrant and Sarita will go on to become winners, and that is when Raj will instigate Sarita to kiss Vikrant publicly to prove her real love for him. Raj will further force Sarita to meet him with baggage so that they can elope from the entire confused situation and lead a life for themselves,” informed sources.

Sarita decides to go to the place where Raj will call her, without knowing that Raj is looking for her to get her back in his life. Yes, Raj will ask her come back in his life but Sarita deny doing so. She will remind him that she has no intentions of running away as she holds the responsibility of being the wife of Vikrant and mother to his son.“Sarita will clear the point that she will want to live her life with Vikrant and his son. This will further disappoint Raj,” added sources.

Shristy Rode also confirmed the track saying, “Yes, we are presently shooting for the dance competition, wherein Raj wants Sarita to kiss Vikrant if she is really in love with him. Whether Sarita kisses Vikrant or not is for viewers to see.”

Source: Tellychakkar
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