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Poonam Pandey plays a sensuous Holi in bikini!
Poonam Pandey plays a sensuous Holi in bikini!

on March 06 at 03:37pm
The internet strip queen Poonam Pandey leaves no chance to get the minute of fame, in fact her antics keep getting wilder!

And she is living it up and has posted a new Holi image! She started her Holi celebrations early, and tweeted pictures of her playing with color in a bikini! It is just two days left for the festival of colors and Poonam is leaving no chance to enjoy the most celebrated festival!

She has come up with a new chatter to grab the eyeballs: playing Holi in a bikini. The siren has been building up a lot of curiosity among her fans and followers with a promise to post a superhot video soon, but as a teaser in the run-up, Poonam posted a few hot images of herself playing Holi.

“NewPic but the #Video is on its way let me hear #DirtyPlayofPoonamPandey will RT the best ones,” Poonam Pandey wrote on Twitter and posted a few pics, which we share with you.

And going by the pics, the video that Poonam has promised will have her playing the Holi, we guess!

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