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Parents affect Child's academic performance
Parents affect Child's academic performance

on November 02 at 03:07pm
Parents are always worried about their child’s academic performance. Every parent wants his child to be the best. But did you know that your child’s performance depends on you as well. Wondering how, well a recent study has suggested that children with pushy parents are likely to do better at school.

The study made it clear that a youngster's achievement is affected a lot by the efforts a parent puts into their education. Parent’s efforts have bigger impact than the effort of pupil or the school mates. The study was conducted under the National Child Development Study, which followed a group of individuals born in a particular week in 1958 throughout their lives. The researchers carefully studied the efforts put in by the pupils, parents and schools towards a child’s schooling.

Looking at the pupils' attitudes, the study revealed that most of the children around the age groups of 16 found school was a waste of time. Even the teachers’ only think about the pupil’s laziness. The study also made it clear that a child’s performance gets affected depending on the interest shown by parents.

The children whose parents were found taking keen interest in their curricular activities were found more active in their studies. Encouraging the child, reading their notes, assisting children in doing assignments, all these factors make the child get more engrossed with studies.

Professor Gianni De Fraja, who was a part of this research said, "In general, what we are saying is that a child whose parents put more effort into his or her education does better at school. Therefore policies that aim at improving parental effort might be effective in strengthening educational attainment. Influencing parental effort is certainly something that is much easier than modifying their social background."

So if you want your kid to lead in academics better start taking interest in your Child's studies and get ready to be a little PUSHY.

Source: Hindustan times
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Thanks...I guess the parents will get a great help from this.
commented on November 03 at 02:26pm | Post reply

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