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Maha Episode of Pyar Ki Yeh Ek Kahani brings new twist
Maha Episode of Pyar Ki Yeh Ek Kahani brings new twist

on May 09 at 05:35pm
The first ever Maha Episode, which commenced on Star One last Saturday, brought in new twist in Balaji Telefilms’ fictional drama, “Pyar Ki Yeh Ek Kahani”. 

This episode saw the major confrontation between Abhay (Vivian Dsena) and Pia (Sukirti Kandpal). As per the ongoing plot, Pia was unaware of the hard fact that she was bitten by Abhay, who is a vampire. Though Pia is aware of his originality but she had never expected that Abhay would harm her this way. The truth is revealed before her when she visits Kasauli, a place which is badly suffering because of the landslide.

Unfortunately, Pia’s father too falls a victim to it. Doctors ask the family members to get AB negative blood group, which is a rare one to be found. However, Pia says that she has the same blood group but on testing her blood reports come abnormal. This puts her in a state of doubt which is further messed up with Siddhartha’s (Siddhant Karnick) intervention. He makes her believe that she has been bitten by Abhay.

Pia finds it difficult to grasp the truth and has an instant talk with Abhay. Though she doesn’t get any answer from him but gets another shock when the doctor inquires from her about Abhay’s elder brother.

This confuses her more and she feels that Abhay has deserted her. The show is getting twisted day by day leaving the audience behind to think how Pia will come to know of Siddhartha’s cruel intentions.  Let’s see what Ekta and her creative team has planned further!

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First n foremost plz plz dont twist the story the story too much n plz for heaven's sake Ahay n Pia r ONE OF THE BEST N MADE FOR EACH OTHER COUPLE THE MORE U R DRIFTING THEM THE RATING IS GOING DOWN. Now b'coz of this stupid Panchi coming in the serial is losing its charm. Tell me how many times the couples r going to get changed b'coz of this stupid Panchi who looks sooooooooo BIG for Abhay. n she dosen't know to act also. Sge was n ex-student n doing her job so why all the time she is seen around the college venues n funtuons n dance competiton, And plz if any couple r going steady in real life then Panchi should OPT out of this serial, she is making a MESS of the couple in love, she is not at all suiting atleast ABHAY IN REEL LIFE AS A COUPLE. PLZ. N why she is blown up recently too much in the serial. let the serail continue with ABHAY-PIA, love intensity so natural n the background music is played for them is just AWESOME. So plz Ektaa kapoor should think seroiusly, not to let the serial die its own natural death. whenever abahy is shown with panchi we all feel like changing the channel. So plz re-think n make the serial glow with their love [ABHAY-PIA] N LET THE AUDIENCE BE taken with their strong hypnotising presence of this couple.

thanking you
commented on August 07 at 01:24am | Post reply

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