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Madhu and RK's unique wedding in Colors' Madhubala!
Madhu and RK's unique wedding in Colors' Madhubala!

on August 09 at 04:23pm
The television world will today witness a way too unique wedding where there won’t be any rituals followed, the bride won’t have her friends and family cheering up for her nor will she even get to finish off the customs in the right manner.

While we have seen forceful weddings being a trend followed in daily soaps but the one which will be aired in Colors filmy drama Madhubala-Ek Ishq Ek Junoon, is truly one of its kinds. As seen last, RK aka Vivian Dsena made Madhu aka Drashti Dhami aware of his revenge. He told her how he had plotted of her wedding with Mukund and how her father Shamsher fell victim to the entire plan.

Having cleared his part, he had wanted Madhu to remain numb and bear the pain. However, he was left all perplexed when she not only dared to approach him but didn’t feel timid at once in slapping him before the entire film unit. Well, this was indeed the final nail in RK’s big ego and now, one will see him coming up with the major plan.

As reported, this will pave the path for their forceful wedding. And this too as per the filmy way will be quite an eye catching one! Unlike the customs which are followed in a Hindu marriage, RK and Madhu will only have four holy pheras instead of seven.

Wondering why so, well as per the rituals, during the first four pheras, the bride agrees to follow her husband and then is followed by the groom who assures the same. But RK is not the one who believes in following others and thus will leave the ritual midway. This EMI wedding is now going to bring many changes for Madhu, which for time being are surely not going to be in her favor.

Let us now see, how Madhu will deal with this turmoil!

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the slap was mind blowing guys........... ....hats off to madhu
commented on August 09 at 05:07pm | Post reply

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