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Love to ignite between Arjun and Purvi in Zee TV's Pavitra Rishta!
Love to ignite between Arjun and Purvi in Zee TV's Pavitra Rishta!

on February 25 at 04:28pm
It’s time for all to experience some love filled moments in Zee TV’s Pavitra Rishta. Sources say that the creatives are planning a love track between Purvi (Aasha Negi) and Arjun (Rithwik Dhanjani).

As seen, Purvi and Arjun stand to be poles apart and both just hate standing each other. However, soon this dislike will turn into liking and Arjun will start falling for the beautiful and sensible Purvi.

The latest episode did give all a hint of what is going to be in store for the upcoming episodes. Both Purvi and Arjun were seen doing the Pooja in the temple where they got close to each other when Purvi notices a snake inside the temple. Sources say that now the show will soon air a promo showing Purvi giving her resignation, which will upset Arjun who so far was willing the same.  

Rithvik Dhanjani aka Arjun said, “Arjun will be confused as he has never had this feeling before. He will try to realize the new bond that he has developed.”

Hmmm…Seems Archana aka Ankita Lokhande is going to be in a big time dharamsankat in the near future. Guess you all know why!

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from the time these guys came out on screen i knew that they were gonna be a phenominal success and a favourite couple and they are! whether ppl believe or not they are going to be a major sucess and i want to wish you guys good luck and continue the good work and yes i do agree that there will be some conflict with Ovi and Arjun and Purvi! Just waiting for that to happen!
commented on April 14 at 02:34am | Post reply
I love this couple want to see them together plz Ovi leave and make this love story awesome .
commented on February 27 at 03:40am | Post reply

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