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Leonardo DiCaprio is set to bare-it-all in his next The Wolf of Wall Street!
Leonardo DiCaprio is set to bare-it-all in his next The Wolf of Wall Street!

on August 30 at 01:48pm
As learnt from the well-placed sources in Tinseltown, actor Leonardo DiCaprio is geared up to go full monty in his highly anticipated Martin Scorsese flick The Wolf of Wall Street.

"There will be some pretty illicit sex scenes coming up. It involves four guys and two girls. There'll even be a little guy-on-guy action in one of the orgies, but DiCaprio won't be in those," revealed a source. It is said that Scorsese’s film features the rise and eventual imprisonment of narcotized real-life former stockbroker Jordan Belfort, who is now a motivational speaker.

He now says he has been sober since his life imploded in the late 90s and he went to prison. The shooting of the film took off in the Financial District last weekend and there'll be more filming in midtown this week. Later this month, the Hamptons’ estate schedule will take place.

DiCaprio was spotted rehearsing at Bank of America with co-star Jonah Hill. Matthew McConaughey also stars, as Belfort's mentor. "They were incognito and Leo didn't take his sunglasses off the entire time. There are some scenes you can bet will be shot strictly behind closed doors. They are in the process of casting a ton of beautiful models, who are willing to bare it all, to portray escorts and strippers," the source said.

The R-rated movie is due out next year!

Source: TNN
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