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Lata Mangeshkar doesn't regret being not married!
Lata Mangeshkar doesn't regret being not married!

on September 28 at 12:32pm
Singing legend Lata Mangeshkar is celebrating her 82nd birthday today. Meanwhile the melody queen denies having any special plans for her birthday because she doesn’t make any plans for life and believes whatever is about to happen will happen so she don’t plan.

However, the evening will see the legendary singer being honoured with the newly instituted Hridaynath award for Lifetime Achievement by Amitabh Bachchan. Thereafter she is off to Pune for her usual holiday.

At this stage of life when a source asked her that every girl grows up with the dreams of marriage so, does she miss being married and the instant response comes in no. She says that everything happens according to God's wish. So everything happens is for a good reason and everything doesn’t happen is for a very good reason.

Though she says that if this question would have been asked four or five decades back, perhaps one would have got a different reply. But today she has no room for such thoughts. When asked about the one most enriching and regretting factor in her life respectively and she asserts being most happy and at ease when she sings.

As for regrets, she have none, because whatever God gives it's meant for the person and whatever one miss was never for them. So she is only thankful to God.

Must say, that even at this age, one should learn the spirit to live a perfect life from her!

Source: TNN
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