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Know an easy way of facial waxing at home!
Know an easy way of facial waxing at home!

on November 17 at 03:47pm
No matter how much your skin is fair and glowing, some extra hair on it can completely ruin its charm. Clear face always makes you feel good and confident. So if you want to get rid of the irritating extra hair then try face waxing. It is the best way to remove unwanted hair from face.

Rather spending bucks at salon you can also wax your face at home, it is very convenient and cost effective. All you need to take care of is some things and follow easy steps. Here they are:

1. Purchase a good quality and dermatologically tested wax from the local drugstore. Make sure it should be designed for sensitive skin.

2. Before starting the process of waxing, proper cleansing is essential. Wash your face and hands well.

3. Now heat the wax by following the directions on the wax packaging. Make sure it shouldn’t be too hot otherwise it may cause harm to your precious facial skin.

4. Start the process by spreading wax on your face, apply the strip and leave it for some seconds. Then pull the strip off actively in the opposite direction of hair.

5. Don’t pull hair upwards, it can cause hair break. Apply pressure to the waxed area to soothe it. To relieve it apply a facial lotion. Avoid doing wax in short intervals and do a test before applying it on your face.

So follow these simple ways and do facial waxing at home!

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