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Kamasutra 3D director Rupesh Paul lies about Oscar Nominations News!
Kamasutra 3D director Rupesh Paul lies about Oscar Nominations News!

on December 31 at 03:23pm
With model-actress Sherlyn Chopra bagging overnight attention doing the much talked about Playboy magazine's cover, a filmmaker named Rupesh Paul from Kerala signed her up and another controversial actress Kavita Radheshyam for his film Kamasutra 3D.

Needless to say this one too grabbed lots of eyes. The film's First Look poster was launched at Goa IFFI. And if this wasn’t enough for the director to be in news, an update from his side said that his English film Saint Dracula 3D has been nominated in Oscars for Best Soundtrack.

This came as quite a surprise as nothing of his film making into Oscars was heard anywhere in the media. Digging deep, when sources probed into the matter it was found that Rupesh had made a Malayalam film called My Mother's Laptop which sank very badly at the Box Office and the critics tore the film apart. Rupesh went on to make few short films and also made a Malayalam film called Raktha Rakshas and an English film called Saint Dracula 3D which awaits its release. The trailers of both the films are easily available on YouTube. The Trailer of Raktha Rakshas sounds very much like a Home-Made low budgeted film and Saint Dracula 3D looks like yet-another Firangi B Grader.

According to the Oscar's Official websites, The Nominations news will be announced on January 10th 2013. And if go by Yahoo Golden Globe 2013 list, there's no sound of Saint Dracula 3D. Also major international press like L.A.Times and E Online News has no clue about the film.

Wonder what Rupesh is aiming for!

Source: Vaalee
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