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Indian team annoyed with umpire Daryl Harper!
Indian team annoyed with umpire Daryl Harper!

on June 25 at 11:14am
The first test match is over and soon after that Indian team has come out strongly against umpire Daryl Harper, as his five error-ridden decisions went totally against the Indian team.

The senior players of the team said either the umpire is biased against the team or he is simply on good at his job and his decision was very harsh about removal of debutant Praveen Kumar for stepping on the danger area.

While talking to a source one of the senior players said that they don’t want him and this is not just his reaction but that of the entire team. Even Indian team captain MS Dhoni said in a press conference after the match that if correct decisions had been made, the game would have ended much earlier and the team would have been in the hotel by now.

As per another source players also commented that "India 1-0, Harper 6-0," before leaving the stadium. Though Harper didn’t seem concerned at all when told about this comment and he sounded cheerful while leaving the ground.

The ICC has asked Harper to step down from the Elite Panel after serving for nine years - a decision taken much before the Jamaica Test. Harper's Elite tenure began in 2002 and will end in July 2011.

Well, now let’s see what ICC has decided about the umpire’s fate.

Source: TNN
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