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I feel totally safe any time I come to India, says David Warner!
I feel totally safe any time I come to India, says David Warner!

on March 01 at 02:08pm
Ignoring the twin-blasts which recently took place in Hyderabad city, Australian opener David Warner said he felt safe in the city. Heightened security measures have been taken after last week's bombings that left 15 dead and more than 100 injured.

Despite the recent happenings, BCCI chose not to shift the second Test from Hyderabad and the city's police commissioner has assured unprecedented security levels. It is learnt that the road that leads from the team hotel to the Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium was completely sanitized.

Some 2,000 security personnel, including five platoons of armed forces and more than 1,400 police, have been deployed at the stadium. The security has acted as a balm for the Australian team. "I feel totally safe any time I come to India, with the security that we've got and the stuff that's in place. I think they didn't really want anyone on the roads to and from the ground but that's virtually impossible with 10 million people living in Hyderabad," said Warner.

"The stuff that's going on out of our control is what it is. It's what happens sometimes in these places and you've just got to deal with it." Warner, who has come to India for the first time on a tour, agrees that it is not ideal to come here in these situations and seeing people being injured and killed.

"It is disappointing and very sad but, in hindsight, I don't think they had another venue to play at. We're here to play cricket, that's our job and we've just got to get on with it," said Warner.

More than 60 CCTV cameras have been installed at vehicle check points in the city and mobile phones, bags, banners and cameras have been banned inside the stadium.

Source: TNN
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