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I don't regret making a wrong move in my career, asserts Gauhar Khan!
I don't regret making a wrong move in my career, asserts Gauhar Khan!

on June 21 at 11:49am
It has been after really long wait that model turned actor Gauhar Khan has got her due but she has no regrets at all and is happy with the pace of life. According to her own admission, her refraining from temptation to bag every and any offer that came her way worked well in favour.

"Choosing the right kind of movies is important. I am glad that I backed off from offers which I thought would not suit me. And this move worked well for me," says Gauhar who feels at this juncture she doesn't 'regret making a wrong move' in her career. "In fact, I benefited a lot from lost opportunities."

"Bollywood has been kind in giving me roles which made me strive towards perfection," says the actor whose performance in the recent release Ishaqzaade fetched her lot of appreciation. About her stint in Ishaqzaade where she played Chand Bibi, Gauhar says, "The brief from Habib Faisal was very clear — that Chand Bibi has to be ultra glamorous. One aalap of her would make people go crazy. Based on this brief, I worked on the look."

While her relationship status reads as single and unattached her mantra in life is - "never plan things and enjoy the process to be happy than looking for happiness in all the outcomes of things I do."

Way to go Gauhar!

Source: TNN
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