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I don't mind doing kisses and going shirtless for TV show, says Ruslaan Mumtaz!
I don't mind doing kisses and going shirtless for TV show, says Ruslaan Mumtaz!

on January 02 at 02:00pm
The latest heartthrob of television Ruslaan Mumtaz has some breathtaking plans for small screen world. He says there is no particular medium where actors are allowed to kiss and get intimate, if his creative team of TV show- Jee Le Zara thinks it is good to showcase him doing kisses and going shirtless on the screen, he will definitely go for it.

The actor recently did an intimate scene with co-star Sangeeta Ghosh. He said, “Aap film dekhne jaate ho toh usme bhi hero ki shirt utarti hai aur kissing scene hota hai. Who decides what scene is suitable for which medium? I don't have any problem in kissing or removing my shirt for a scene - whether on TV or in movies. I am OK if the channel thinks that by removing my shirt they will get good TRPs.”

The movie actor-turned-TV actor also says there is no thumb rule of stardom today. “Doing TV after starting out in Bollywood is not a step backwards; I consider it a step forward. There is no thumb rule for stardom today. I can do television and still become a movie star and vice versa,” said Ruslaan, who made his acting career with movies like MP3, Teree Sang, Jaane Kahan Se Aayi Hai, Dangerous Ishhq and I Don't Luv U. However, it was his appearance on TV show Jee Le Zara that got him fame.

He says, “In movies, people always appreciated my work, but my films never did well. Main jinse bhi milta for movie auditions, they would not know me at all. Only one out of 10 people would say, Arre yeh toh MP3 waala hero hai. I opted for television so that at least people recognize me. Now, eight out 10 people that I audition for, know me.”

Source: TNN
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