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I am in love with Vidyut Jamwal but I am not married, says Mona Singh!
I am in love with Vidyut Jamwal but I am not married, says Mona Singh!

on March 11 at 04:42pm
Popularly known as Jassi, Mona Singh has come a long way in her career in TV industry. At present she is seen playing mother to grown up kids in Sony TV’s Kya Hua Tera Vaada. At the personal front too, there are talks about love entering her life.

In fact, many even claimed that the actress has got married. However, Mona said, "I am in love with Vidyut Jamwal (Force fame), but I am not married. I don't know where the news of my marriage came from. But if I was married, I would proudly announce it to the whole world. A girl's dream is to eventually get married, so why would I hide that?"

Mona even went on to state that the marriage rumors did affect her parents. She stated, "My parents went through a very bad phase after the news of my supposed marriage came out. My relatives called them up and said things like, 'Oh my God! Yeh kya ho gaya aapke saath? Mona ne shaadi kar li?' My father is still very angry. As celebrities, we let it go as we know this is part of the entertainment world, but families don't understand".

The actress had her brush with Bollywood via 3 Idiots where she played Kareena Kapoor’s elder sister. Talking of her no show in Bollywood, she said, "I have never made statements like I'm quitting TV or I'm quitting Bollywood. I have always wanted to strike a balance between the two. But as far as movies are concerned, after 3 Idiots, every role that I got was that of a pregnant woman. That's so funny! Why do people in Bollywood slot you in one particular role”?  

Well, you have a valid point Mona and we hope some good offer comes your way!

Source: TNN
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