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Hrithik Roshan hopes Dhoom 3 will break Krrish 3 records!
Hrithik Roshan hopes Dhoom 3 will break Krrish 3 records!

on November 09 at 03:19pm
Basking in success with record-breaking Krrish 3, its super-hero Hrithik Roshan says he does not believe in breaking or setting new records. The handsome actor says box office figures reflect the progress of cinema and hopes the Krrish 3 record will be broken by forthcoming films like Dhoom 3.

He said, “Records, these are all facts and figures, which are essential to define the progress of cinema or any other mode of work. So it's not about breaking records, it's about being inspired by the previous records and then taking it forward.”

As per the trade analyst Taran Adarsh, “Krrish 3 has raked in Rs.166.52 crore at the domestic box office and minted Rs.36 crore in its first week overseas, taking the overall collections to Rs.202.42 crore.”

Hrithik, who played negative role in Dhoom 2, added, “I hope and I pray to god that the next one that comes after Krrish 3 breaks its record and that is evolution that is progress. Keep breaking the records. Go for Krrish 3 now and then go for Dhoom 3 in sometime.”

With the success rate of Krrish 3, critics are touting it to be the third film to enter Bollywood’s Rs. 200 Crore club (Domestic collection). Taran Adarsh Tweeted, “Expecting Krrish3 to cross Rs 200 crore mark in India by Weekend 2. Will be 3rd Hindi film to join Rs 200 crore Club, after 3 Idiot and Chennai Express.”

Meanwhile, Shahrukh Khan's Chennai Express still retains its spot as the fastest film to reach the Rs 100 cr mark, in just 4 days.

Source: TNN
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