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How to do pre-wedding beauty preparation!
How to do pre-wedding beauty preparation!

on October 06 at 03:06pm
Due to their professional commitments, working going-to-be brides hardly get time to prepare themselves for their wedding. Consequently they have to face a lot of hindrances on their grand day. Well if you are also working and going to tie the knot soon then don’t take a chance because you are going to be the center of attraction on your big day. Ideally you need to start your pre bridal beauty treatments before four to six months of your marriage.

Beauty expert Shahnaz Husain says,“For a home-based pre-bridal routine, specialized skin care should ideally begin at least four to six weeks in advance.” To facilitate you, here we bring you the tips for pre-bridal preparation, have a look:

Pre Bridal Body Pack: Popularly called as Ubtan, it is a homemade bridal recipe. It brings glow on bridal’s face and body. You can prepare it by mixing wheat bran, yoghurt or cream of milk, gram flour and a pinch of turmeric. Before applying it, massage your body with sesame oil. Now apply ubtan on your body leave it for half an hour then take bath.  

Hot oil treatment for shiny locks: To get shiny locks on your grand day, treat your hair with hot oil. Apply hot almond oil to your hair. Now dip a towel in hot water( squeeze the excess water) and wrap it around your head like a turban, leave it for minutes then repeat the process three to four times.

Follow these tips and look like a gorgeous fairy on your grand day!

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