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Gurmeet Choudhary and Kritika's Punar Vivah bags good response!
Gurmeet Choudhary and Kritika's Punar Vivah bags good response!

on February 24 at 03:45pm
Zee TV’s latest offering Punar Vivah, which stands to be another unique concept brought before all by Diya Aur Baati makers, Shashi and Sumeet Mittal, has said to be opened on a fair note.

The show starring Geet Hui Sabse Parayi fame Maan aka Gurmeet Choudhary in lead talks of two individuals who are made to marry again for the sake of their family and kids. Gurmeet plays the character of Yash who has lost his wife Arpita and is now leading the life of a loner with his two daughters.

Sharing a similar fate like him is Aarti aka Kritika Sengar, who happens to be a divorcee. She has been left by her husband but the support of her in-laws has helped her in facing the obstacles of life. Her only hope of living is her son Ansh.

Both Aarti and Yash are not willing to settle down again as they feel that starting a new life once more won’t be easy for them. But their families have different plans and once they get to meet, wedding would surely take place.

It’s been almost a week since Punar Vivah has gone live and as per the reports the different concept has made it rake in some decent points. Gurmeet and Kritika have done a fair job and must say that post Geet, Gurmeet has come with a changed look and quite grown up acting skills. His role as Maan was simply incredible and the way he is portraying Yash, it seems that he will soon win hearts for this one too.

Did you also feel the same about Gurmeet-Kritika’s Punar Vivah?

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gurmeet ka to jawab hi nahi wo to bina kuch kahe bhi bahut kuch keh deta hai. he is looking so good....
commented on April 04 at 12:52pm | Post reply
please serial ko jyada boring na ho jane de. Lagatar rona dhona and tension per tension dikha kar. Aarti kuch jyada hi expression dikhati hai hamesha. serial ko kuch halka fulka entertaining bhi rehne de
commented on April 04 at 12:46pm | Post reply
Gurmeet No Doubt as Yash is Awosome........ ...........but Kritika as Aarti has been A BIG DISAPPOINTMENT. .........Hope some Better Actress Replaces her............ ..........
Posted by   on March 10 at 01:13pm | Post reply
Punar Vivah will be Successful as Gurmeet can Carry any Show........... Yash also He will succeed........ ........He is the BEST........... ............... .
Posted by    on March 10 at 01:14pm
kratika is too good !love her the serial is a new concept hope its as romantic as in promos
commented on March 01 at 11:53pm | Post reply
Gurmeet is te best...just love his character as yash... I think he will make Punar Vivah a huge hit in zeetv..
commented on March 01 at 02:31am | Post reply
miss you geet, guru is just fab love you
commented on May 31 at 12:52pm

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