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Girl hit by Chris Gayle's six won't mind getting hit again!
Girl hit by Chris Gayle's six won't mind getting hit again!

on April 19 at 04:38pm
Even in her bad dreams the Bangalore little girl would not have expected that while watching IPL match in the Chinnaswamy Stadium, her nose will get broke with six hit by Team Bangalore's deadly opener Chris Gayle.

The 11-year-old Tia Bhatia had to visit operation theatre, after Gayle’s huge six broke her nose, but the girl is still happy and she has the reason. Soon, after learning about the girl’s injury, Gayle rushed to her bedside, held her hand, planted a kiss and profusely apologized. He was hit for a six when she told him, "It's an honour to be hit by you."

The Bhatia family, residents of Kalyan Nagar, was soaking in the excitement at the Chinnaswamy Stadium until the penultimate ball of the 13th over which Gayle slammed into the stands and the ball cannoned into her.

Tia was rushed to the nearby Mallya Hospital by stadium paramedics and underwent surgery around 9am on Wednesday. While his visit, Gayle even gave her the medal won for hitting the maximum sixes in the match, and also his jacket.

A friend accompanying Gayle said: "She reportedly said that if this was the treatment she got, she wouldn't mind getting hit again!" And Tia asked him to continue hammering those sixes.

Should that happen, watch out for more little girls and boys flocking to the stadium, hoping to come in the way of a Gayle six!

Source: TNN
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