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Extravagant recipe of mutton galawati Kebabs!
Extravagant recipe of mutton galawati Kebabs!

on October 07 at 02:49pm
Kebabs are loved by everyone and are one of the favorite dishes at a party. When hosting a party, the first thing that comes to our minds for appetizers is kebabs. They are the most sumptuous in taste and we also refrain from taking the risk of cooking it. People often order kebabs from outside when a guest arrives, but here is the recipe of making kebab Galawati at home.

Ingredients A: Mutton boneless (leg) 1 kg, Mutton fat (A) 50gms, Papaya paste 100gms, Hung yoghurt 50gms, Ginger, garlic (paste) 25gms, Onion (sliced & fried and crushed) 100gms, Salt to taste, Yellow chilli powder 5gms, Roasted gram flour 200gms

Ingredients of Garam Masala (B), roast them and make masala powder: Black pepper corn 50gms, Green cardamom 50gms, Black cardamom 25gms, Clove 25gms, Mace 5pcs, Nutmeg 1pc, Jeera 50gms, Saunf 50gms, Patthar phool 25gms, Cinnamon 25gms, Bay leave 5pcs, Kebab chini 10gms.

Method: Mince mutton boneless and fat together to fine consistency, add (A) mix well and keep for half an hour. Add 10gms of powder mix (B). Then you add saffron, rose water, Kewada water and place the Galawati mix in a deep vessel, keep a live coal in the centre. Put a bit of pure ghee and cover. Keep till all smoke is over. On a hot heavy flat tawa or on a heavy bottom non-stick pan at home make round flat tikkis of the mix and pan grill both sides till it becomes brown in colour done from inside. When it is done serve it with green chutney, sliced onion and lemon wedges.

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