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Anoushka Shankar is now married!
Anoushka Shankar is now married!

on October 12 at 05:37pm
The news of her pregnancy had really shaken up the world! People were wondering about her ‘single mother’ status. Now, after all the hullabaloo has died down, Anoushka Shankar, the well known sitar player has finally decided to take the beaten path! She married her live in partner ‘Joe Wright’ at a small ceremony in London recently.

Joe Wright is a well known director in Hollywood. He is known for block busters like Atonement, Pride and Prejudice. Earlier, he was engaged to actress Rosamund Pike, an actress. Wright and Pike had a fall out at the eleventh hour of the wedding, when he discovered that she had sent the wedding invitations along with their photo in a hot tub!

The wedding was attended by her father, the celebrated sitarist Ravi Shankar and her half sister Nora Jones who was also the maid of honour. When asked about it Anoushka replied that she always wanted a sweet and simple affair. Surely, Wright must have been pleased after his experience with his ex!

The couple first met in New Delhi where they both attended a dinner hosted by William Darlrymple in March. After the first meeting, they developed a liking for each other. Soon, they decided to move in together in July.

According to Anoushka, her parents and Joe’s family are simply ecstatic about her pregnancy and marriage. They are looking forward to becoming grandparents! She also reveals that Joe is a pretty doting husband and a father to be. He insists that she slow down and tries to help her as much as he can!

Ah! How sweet! The perfect couple in love! Let’s hope Anoushka has made the ‘Wright’ choice this time around! Do invite us for the baby shower Anoushka!

Source: TOI
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Congrats Anoushka..... Have a blessed life!!
commented on October 13 at 11:33am | Post reply

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