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How many times hollywood singer Christina Aguilera married? - 150 answers
asked by:  chips45 - on June 09 at 03:06pm - in Celebrities
how was the film raavan give it %? - 127 answers
asked by:  mehulpatel - on June 18 at 08:56pm - in Television
Which one is your favorite? Fruit & Nut, Dairy Milk, Five Star, Toblerone, Bournville.? - 123 answers
asked by:  gchitra362436 - on June 08 at 01:38pm - in Foods & Beverages
Name a love triangle movie that you always love to watch? - 112 answers
asked by:  gchitra362436 - on June 19 at 06:44pm - in Movies
which is the top 100 Engineering colleges in india? - 107 answers
asked by:  sumitsingh - on August 05 at 01:10pm - in Higher Education (University +)
kajol ka pura name kya hai? - 101 answers
asked by:  sarfrazmorak - on July 10 at 11:48am - in Movies
who is the best player of IPL 2010? - 100 answers
asked by:  ANILKPIPADA - on May 15 at 01:50pm - in Cricket
who is the best batsmen in india? - 100 answers
a) sourav ganguly
b) sachin tendulkar
c) rahul dravid
d) dhoni
asked by:  nasa1093aditya - on August 14 at 09:09am - in Cricket
A Hollywood remake of the movie Lahore.. a good sign or a bad sign for Bollywood? - 96 answers
asked by:  aartii - on April 13 at 11:31am - in Movies
what was the venue where sachin start hi carrer? - 96 answers
asked by:  94vivek - on June 19 at 01:07pm - in Cricket
Will Pathshaala be able to teach some new lessons to the students? - 85 answers
After Tare Zameein Pe, we are again ready to be taught from a sensational and dynamic teacher "Shahid Kapoor", will he prove successful in h .. more
asked by:  annukumardutta - on April 12 at 12:19pm - in Movies
is sreeram worth of indian idol title? - 82 answers
asked by:  mini4amit - on August 20 at 11:13am - in Music
Which is the most peacfull country??? - 75 answers
asked by:  rdrocks - on June 15 at 08:51pm - in Current Affairs
In which team will Sachin play in IPL 2011? - 71 answers
1)Mumbai Indians
2)Pune Sahara Warriors
asked by:  gagzyhot - on June 20 at 09:11pm - in Cricket
Is IIT to check the knowledge or a puzzle mania? - 67 answers
IIT exam 2010 faced printing errors, instead of focusing on the questions' solution the students were forced to figure out the text of the q .. more
asked by:  arvind2365 - on April 12 at 01:14pm - in Higher Education (University +)
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